Quality Stud

Horses trained for the American market

As already mentioned, we believe that producing a horse starts on day one, maybe even earlier!
With this philosophy in mind, we approach young horse education a bit differently than most, with a heavy influence from the horsemanship world. Our goal is to teach our horses, step by step, what is being asked of them and allow them the time to grasp each concept in a relaxed way. We are searching for understanding, not submission. With this understanding between human and horse, we establish clear lines of communication that last a lifetime.  

We treat each horse as an individual, there is no ‘one size fits all’ training method here. When each horse is given the time it needs and the tools it needs, the probability of success increases. To us, success is seeing our horses out competing to the best of their ability with their rider while also enjoying their job and their life. To us, that is a victory. 

The horses are trained at Quality Stud by American rider, Jennifer Goddard. This partnership with Jenn and her Stateside Farm opens a channel to sell horses directly to American riders and trainers with full transparency, a rare comfort in todays market. Aside from producing our own horses, we are constantly on the look out for horses to suit all disciplines, including the Hunter and Equitation markets.  

If you are interested, send an email to Jenn at statesidefarmbelgium@gmail.com 

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