Quality Stud

Raising young horses

From the day your foal is born, their life experiences (both nature and nurture) are determining the trajectory that his or her life will follow. The facilities at Quality Stud allow our horses to grow up in the best possible conditions, as proven by our numerous references. Our Stud Farm has 24 hectares of high-quality, organic fields, located in the middle of the quiet polders on the Belgian coast. All of the fields are professionally fenced and surrounded by high hawthorn hedges. These hedges shelter the horses from the coastal breeze, while several weeping willows provide them with shelter from the sun. 

During the summer months, we insure that our fields are not overcrowded by limiting the amount of horses grazing to two per hectare. In the winter, our horses enjoy spacious group stables with sand paddocks to enjoy fresh air. Check out our photos or come and visit for yourself!

Since a cornerstone of our philosophy is that training starts from the beginning, we only accept foals that the owners plan to keep in our system through their youngster education. If you are interested, send an email to koen@qualitystud.be 

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