Quality Stud

Broodmares to rent.

Quality Stud's business plan consists of keeping a maximum of 6 foals annually for further training.
But we have a problem, a luxury problem, but a problem nonetheless ....
We have too many good broodmares. The easiest way for us would be to just sell them, but actually we don't want to lose them because we are convinced of their quality. We could leave them empty (whatever we would consider a shame) OR ..... we rent them out. That way, someone else can enjoy it too, and we don't lose them.
That is why we have decided to offer the following three mare for rent for the 2021 season.
Bira Quality - Casell Quality and Nougat Quality
Under the heading "mares" further on this site you will find all the necessary information about these mares.
Interested parties can call Koen on +32 476 89 70 00

photo : Bira Quality met haar 2020 veulen Ubira Quality ( Conrad Quality) 

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