Quality Stud

RIP Classic Orange Z

Relativising is so difficult.
damn it, why?


Classic Orange


You were my pride


You were born here


You were right there, here I am


I did not hesitate for a moment


You would become a star


You were the first person I wanted to give my name, Conrad Quality


You weren't mine alone, though


In life it is give and take


and you were baptized Classic Orange


I've always regretted it


Later, the trained eye of Grand Master Ahlmann picked you out


You deservedly ended up where you could become a star


And suddenly …… .. a message from Orange, it's over


Goosebumps, tears, disappointment


You are no more, a void, a missed opportunity


no international performances for you, for us


Hopefully your more than 300 descendants will honor you later


Meanwhile my tears dry


together with your mother, your full sister Prima Donna Quality


and the entire Quality Stud team


Best wishes

Photo : zangersheide



Koen Terryn


Quality Stud



Photo: zangersheide

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